The Rope Dude

I am:
- A 3D porn artist who mostly do BDSM videos with stories all related to each other.
- A Shibari rigger, model, photographer, video maker, porn actor.All the links to find my work, follow and support me are on this page.Take care ;)

Main 3D Videos/Projects

In chronological order.
Every story are linked.

All 3D Creations

All my public 3D creations can be found in the MEGA folder.

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Bitcoin : 3BipUCbW638CdZhbrJjCdYLovsT4MPdjsq

Of my 3D creations


Stable diffusion
text to image / image to image

SFW & NSFW images generated with Stable Diffusion from text or existing images, mostly my own photos.
(Feel free to use and share them freely)

Shibari ; BDSM ; Photos ; Videos

Some of my Sibari porn videos and videos are public and can be found on my PornHub, Xvideos or mega folder.Some are for only for supporters on OnlyFans.(My Patreon and SubscribeStar has nothing to do with this stuff)

Synthesis of all the content I made with other content creators and what is available where.

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